How should design be teached/learned nowadays?

Design Werkstatt is an educational incarnation of TwoPoints.Net the studio, incorporating the Martin Lorenz’s and Lupi Asensio’s the best experiences of design schools in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Elio Salichs will coordinate the 5 Barcelona’s courses of 2017 and will give two of them.

DW is not a school in the classic sense, it’s a workshop. It is a place for designers that seek to improve their skills in a favorable learning environment. Design can’t be learned by studying, design has to be learned by doing. Design theory should lead to action and action to theory, but never theory to theory. In DW we believe that it’s more useful to teach how to learn than to teach rules.

The Design Werkstatt (“Design Workshop” in German) is a place where “students” work and “teachers” guide. In that sense, in DW we believe teachers can be as strong influence as any designer. In addition, the teaching is delivered in a pleasant environment and small/dynamic groups of students that encourage criticism and discussion.

If you are interested in Design Werkstatt, send us an email to, or visit our Twitter page, or our Facebook page or Instagram page.
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