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TwoPoints.Net beats the system.

The invisible part of graphic design is the magic that most viewers won't even recognize as they enjoy the perks of a well thought out publication or website. It's these nuances; flexible but effective editorial systems, attention to detail, and an eye for coherent communication, that push TwoPoints.Net to the front of the pack of small design firms in Barcelona. Started in Holland in 2000 as a platform for visual artists to express themselves, TwoPoints.Net officially opened its doors as a full service graphic design studio specializing in (but not limited to) editorial and identity systems in 2007.

At the helm, you’ll find German natives Martin Lorenz and Lupi Asensio. The duo studied and worked in Holland prior to leading the small team that comprises TwoPoints.Net. Though the group’s final products are often full of color, lightheartedness, and escape a singular “style,” the vibe in this studio is very focused. One might liken this workspace to a small library, except every single book on the shelves is packed with vibrant visual and typographic insights, and there’s no membership card required. Martin exudes poignancy and quiet confidence when explaining his objectives and processes, which can also be described as systematic in nature. “After the rational system is solved, the application of design becomes a logical step,” reflects Martin.

Martin and Lupi strive to push the progression of design in Barcelona, rather than mimic their contemporaries. Firm believers that designers must remain courageous, and “have the balls to fail,” in order to innovate, the pair direct a postgraduate course in applied typography at the renowned Elisava design school, and share their keen typographic insights with the next generation of aspiring designers.

Author: Paul Demyanovich / Agency Interloper
Year: 2010
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