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CoNTA is an internet portal of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia) to report accidents in the workplace. CoNTA is the abbreviation of Comunicació i Notificació de Treballadors/res Accidentats/ades (Communication and notification of workers that had an accident). As soon as an accident happens, the companies based in Catalonia are obliged to report it. CoNTA is the portal that aims to simplify this procedure.

Client: Generalitat de Catalunya
Year: 2010
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TwoPoints.Net developed a visual identity for CoNTA based upon the concepts, "enter", "adding information" and "archive". "Enter" because CoNTA is an internet portal, "adding information" because the user has to add the information about the accident and "archive" because the government needs to archive the accidents. These concepts are visualized with the diagonal line.
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