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Creative Review commissioned TwoPoints.Net to present the most interesting Graphic Designers from Barcelona in a new issue of CR Monograph.

This is our preface:

"Barcelona, City of Design" is a phrase often used to promote the city of Barcelona. It’s true that Barcelona has a very high density of designers. Every year around 500 of them graduate from our seven different design schools. And, being an attractive place to live, many very talented foreign designers choose Barcelona as their base too. But all that glitters is not Gold. Competition is tough, crisis is affecting the local cultural industry, and even more importantly, clients are afraid to take risks. But we appreciate when our colleagues fight to get through a brilliant design. The selections we have made here aren’t just nice design works, they represent individuals that try to push the quality of design in the city day by day and make the empty marketing phrase "Barcelona, City of Design" become true.

Client: Creative Review
Year: 2012

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