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Designers who are working for the medical field often need to be very aware of the human body. Their objective is for patients and personnel to feel comfortable and open to the latest medical technology. This special quality, or "compliance" by the experts makes the patient to be more positive over prescribed tools or treatments.

Traditionally, the design for the visual high-tech diagnostic equipment is the most established. They occupy most of the space with their volume and shape; unlike the situation seen in the ICU, where a range of different devices need to interact in a limited space, which challenges especially ergonomics and interface design.

Armin Scharf highlighted in this issue of the German magazinedesign report the complex as well as diverse world of medical technology.

TwoPoints.Net took the mentioned operating lights for the cover illustration as their topic. They are the objects that fascinate us the most in a room full of technical equipment, almost hypnotize us. Without a reference to an existing design TwoPoints.Net has created a pattern that reminds of a surgical light, seems to shine and due to its interesting structure, it is visually very appealing.

Apart from the visualization of the theme of this issue, TwoPoints.Net also aimed to develop an illustration that is aware of the visual identity of design report. The information bar on top of the illustration is read first. In order to avoid any conflict between the information bar and the illustration, the illustration was kept abstract. From a distance, if you are standing a few feet away from the kiosk, you can still see the surgical light, the theme of the issue will be communicated.

Client: design report
Year: 2009
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