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Elisava is considered to be among the best design universities in Spain, with over eight hundred students from the disciplines of graphic design, industrial design and interior design receive their degree each year. For this occasion, the university organizes a graduation ceremony, which includes attendees that include leading designers such as Yves Zimmermann. TwoPoints.Net was commissioned to design the visual identity (VI) for this event.

TwoPoints.Net was commissioned to design the visual identity (VI) for this event. The VI is based on classical certifications, which have been converted into contempory design. Typography that would have been done with hand drawn calligraphy, is now constructed with the help of a delicate 1.25 mm grid while once conservative colors, such as dark green, become a light green combined with a bright neon pink.

Client: Elisava
Year: 2007
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Student wearing graduation adornment.
Student wearing graduation adornment.
Students typically receive A3 paper diplomas. We thought it would be a nice gesture to also present them with an object they would be able to use long after the ceremony. This item had to be appropriate for the ocasion, as well something the students would like to wear again. Eventually we found a company that produces prize ribbons for dog and horse shows who were able to custom make ribbons in the color scheme of our visual identity.
Dr. Aleix CarriĆ³, president of the private foundation of the University of Elisava, giving the opening lecture.
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Detail. The birds symbolize the celebration of the student's success. They are now graduates who are indeed ready to "leave the nest".
Detail of the insignia.
Detail showing reference to traditional diplomas.
Detail of the typography.