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In 2009 the design school Elisava moved to a new, larger building on the Rambla, and took this as an opportunity to make contact with the Associació d'Amics, Veins i comerciante de la Rambla (The association of friends, neighbours and traders of the Rambla). TwoPoints.Net, as directors of a postgraduate degree and teachers at Elisavas, were commissioned to create a visual identity for a possible application on the Ramblas for the World Heritage Site. In this first stage of the project, we selected two ex-students of a master of Elisava, Marta Veludo and Marina Muñoz, to collaborate with us on the pictures/collages. The identity was launched on the 2nd February 2010, which was presented to the Mayor of Barcelona.

After the presentation, the association asked us to develop the visual identity for the celebrations of their 50th anniversary. The photos were made by former students Garbin Irizar, Esther Gª Yeste and Antonio Vacca, from the postgraduate degree for photography, under the direction of the Director Pedro Vicente and TwoPoints.Net.

The core idea of the visual identity is the constructed reality, because everyone who lives/lived on the Rambla or works/worked has their own story to tell. We used the collage technique to put the photography into a new context and thereby tell new stories.

We created an image library with different themes, which are considered by the association as essential characteristics of the Rambla: history, emotion, culture, people and trade.

Our visual Identity is designed to be flexible so it could be used for other campaigns.

Client: Elisava / Associació d'Amics, Veins i comerciante de la Rambla
Year: 2010
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Visual System

The visual system consists of five soft background colors, a typographic style and five image libraries, each one representing on thematic field.

Background Color Scheme
Image Library "Trade"
Image Library "Culture"
Image Library "Social"
Image Library "Sensorial"
Image Library "Historic / Modern"
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