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One of the challenges of the commission was the small budget. In order not to print letterhead, businesscard, greetingscards or envelopes, we designed three different tapes and printed them on the elegant paper Fedrigoni CST Jade Raster. The advantage is the flexible use of the tape. Anything can be branded with the MAIO visual identity.

MAIO came to us with a particular problem. They are architects, but they don’t do architecture. Each of their projects is different. From art installations to stands at trade fairs. But what all of their projects have in common is the way how they were developed and executed. Therefore it became very important to us to show the process of constructing in the visual identity.

Client: MAIO
Year: 2011

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Card with tape
Card with tape
Card with tape
Card with image and silkscreen varnish
Card with emboss
Businesscard with tape
Businesscard with tape
Businesscard with tape
Letterhead with tape
Letterhead with tape
Example for poster with corporate elements and image
Example for poster with corporate elements and image
Example for poster with corporate elements
Visual system for the corporate identity

We devised a flexible system that creates a homogeneous visual language that is simultaneously able to accommodate and adapt itself to a great variety of very different applications.
Color System

The Corporate Communication colors are a pure white, a 90% black with two additional colors as their resultant overlay color.

The additional colors are:

Flamingo pink

Line-elements are composed on an invisible grid to the word MAIO. All lines of the grid can be used.
Some of the possible compositions of lines on the grid and an example that the word MAIO can be written horizontally, vertically and in a square.
The two-dimensional grid can be converted into a three-dimensional grid if the visual identity need to be used in three-dimensional space.
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