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Montjuïc de Nit (Montjuic at night) is a festival that will be celebrated yearly in the Montjuïc area of Barcelona. The beauty of this festival is the participation of the various institutions (theatres, museums, cinemas, swimming pools, etc.) located on Montjuïc. All of these institutions are invited to open their doors during an entire night dedicated to Montjuïc de Nit.

The Instituto de Cultura showed great faith in us, giving us the opportunity to design the visual identity for a festival without precedent. The visual identity we developed is based upon night at Montjuïc: Its mysterious darkness and the magic of the lights. We were inspired by the sunset sky of the city. A simple, but effective communication strategy.

We were very glad about its success: the fesitval had over 350,000 visitors.

"The 'Institut de Cultura' appreciated the precise methology created for the campaign, which was besides being attractive and innovative, this graphic language was able to communicate with all target groups."

Pilar Roca i Viola
Head of Communication and Marketing
Institut de Cultura de Barcelona

Client: Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Year: 2008
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Visual Identity

The visual identity of the campaign needed to be as clear as possible, without underestimating or boring the diverse target groups. The simple combination out of a brand name and attractive visual language achieved both, to awake the interest of the target groups and create an easy to recognize identity.
TpLlum is a typeface we designed for the festival Montjuïc de Nit. Llum means light in Catalan. Because it is used over a dark background, it was important that the typeface is very bright, made possible by its heavy cut. TpLlum is especially remarkable when backlit.

Graphic Language, Motif 1 - View from Montjuïc over Barcelona towards the Tibidabo mountain
Graphic Language, Motif 2 - View from Montjuïc towards the harbor of Barcelona
Graphic Language, Motif 3 - View of Montjuïc
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