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Novum, World of Graphic Design; Issue 10/07
Cover Design: TwoPoints.Net

A world view

We had to decline their invitation to redesign novum, but were sufficiently intrigued to take a closer look at the work of the designers at TwoPoints.Net of Barcelona. We'd like to share our findings with you.

Sometimes even dissatisfaction can bring some good. Martin Lorenz studied communication design for three years at Darmstadt before realising that neither the college, nor the town, and not even the country seemed to be satifying. So he decamped to the Netherlands, where he learned Dutch and concluded his design education two years later at the Royal Academy in Den Haag. In 2001 Lorenz was tempted back to Germany and worked for four years in Frankfurt. Lupi Asensio had also moved around a bit - she obtained a diploma in design at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona, studied for a while in Den Haag, specialised in typography in Darmstadt and finished up in Offenbach where she did a postgrad course in visual communication and film. Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenz met in Den Haag, married and spent long periods travelling together. During this time he and his wife Lupi Asensio did a lot of travelling and realised that the place they liked best was Barcelona. So Lorenz learned Spanish and the two of them finally found their true home in the Catalonian capital. There in 2007 the couple founded their own design office, TwoPoints.Net, the name coming from an online platform that Lorenz had launched five years earlier in Den Haag. The team still use the online platform for publicising various free work and as an experimental forum for the work of other creatives. One of the projects, for example is "The One Weekend Book Series" which aims to produce a book within the space of just one weekend. Martin Lorenz and one other artist have 48 hours time to find out about a new city and capture its characteristics in a book. What results is a visual diary which without the aid of a computer reflects the atmosphere of a place in a very individual way. The first five "Weekend Books" have already been brought out as a series by the Spanish publisher Actar.

On the agency side of the business the TwoPoints.Net team specialises in visual systems for visual identities. The work may involve branding or corporate design tasks, but all are projects that need a graphic system to coordinate and control their applications. These creatives from Barcelona describe good design as a "strategically useful tool for communication" and in addition to their day-to-day work and free projects, they also organise design workshops and teach in schools. The experiences that Martin Lorenz, Lupi Asensio and their three colleagues have gained in various countries are very useful with international clients. And who knows what creative shores TwoPoints.Net might land on next?

Published in Novum, World of Graphic Design; Issue 10/07
Written by Christine Moosmann

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