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The visual identity of Banjo Music evolved with this website. The corporate elements can be used to create patterns, used on the website as roll-overs. We created a library of elements which are chosen randomly and repeated automatically according to the size of the image of the roll-over.

In 2012 we designed a new website for Banjo Music. It had to be responsive to different screen sizes and mobile devices, the movies had to be easy to watch and long loading times should be avoided.



Client: Banjo Music
Year: 2012
Once an image is clicked, the video appears on top of the home. There are options to advance to the next video, choose one from the bottom menu, share the video on twitter and facebook or see the video in fullscreen mode. As the videos are located at a Vimeo account, the loading times are very short and the quality very high.
The contact page is very simple. There is some information about the studio, the people that work at Banjo Music and contact information.
In order to make the site easier to navigate, there are only two columns on a screen of a phone. As there are no roll-overs on a touchscreen the roll-overs are shown semi-transparent on all mobile devices.