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Quaderns is the magazine by the Catalan Association of Architects. It was founded in 1944 and over the years has received international recognition. Every two years a new team is elected, consisting of a director, three editors and a design team. In December 2010 it was again time to announce a public competition. As in any year before, that many good teams competed.


As soon as we learned from José Zabala of the competition, we began to put together an editorial team. Our first choice was Mario Ballesteros, with whom we had an excellent experience working on Verb Crisis. The second choice was Anna Puigjaner and Guillermo López for which there company Maio we developed at that time a visual identity. Together with this team, we worked in our studio at Via Laietana 37 in the following months, often into the early morning hours, on our proposal for Quaderns, that should emerge as the winner of the competition.


One of the qualities of our team was the holistic approach. There was no, “first the content and then the form”, which happens too often. We developed, simultaneously, content and form so that they become one functioning unit. The content can not exist without form and the form can not exist without the content, they are inseparable.


Cliente: COAC
Year: 2011
Typeface: VLNL Tp Kurier Calligraphic

With the new Quaderns we introduced two important elements of visual communication:
The year as the title of each issue, The year is the leitmotif running through each issue. It allows the editor to link issues of the past with contemporary issues. Predictions, wishes and fears of the past year can be compared with reality